External Aluminum Panel- Exterior Wall Hollow Out Perforated Aluminum Panel Of Image

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Perforated aluminum panel kaleidoscope of shape, the shape of the different punching has its own way, and still can enlarge dimensional administrative levels, increase the brightness of the space, under the different lighting effect of perforated aluminum panel reflected is also a brilliant, fascinating. Modern architecture is trend line, indoor and outdoor decoration more cannot careless, decoration and outdoor must take account of his security and weatherability, and the interior decoration and to consider its beautiful and sound-absorbing effect, want to consider the best of both worlds approach must be used so we Qi Alum punch aluminum panel . Qi Alum perforated aluminum panel high technical content, without impurities, pure aluminum automatic universal punching forming, later don’t have to worry about problems, Qi Alum production factory sincerity, to be honest with every client to send.