PVDF Coating Aluminum Perforated Panels

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The PVDF coating is widely use for curtain wall decorative materials all over the world.It can do all the Rollar colors,it can do one/two/three coatings. It can use for all the aluminum alloy products,and the aluminum alloy products has 10-15 yearswarranty. All the PVDF coating aluminum perforated panels meet the ISO standard.

Characteristic of  PVDF Coating aluminum perforated panels:

1. Various patterns, unique artistry, perfect decoration effect for modern buildings.
2. Easy to process , can made of different shapes according to your drawing.
3. Smooth surface,high precision, rigidity and consistency.
4. Excellent in weather fastness and corrosion resistance.
5. Easy to clean and maintain.
6. Easy to recovery, no pollution, environmental protection