Carve Patterns Or Designs On Woodwork Aluminum Panel Manufacturers

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Qi Alum  Carve patterns or designs on woodwork aluminum panel smallpox design of carve patterns or designs on woodwork plate with innovative thinking, professional fashion design style, modern science and technology and the perfect union of craftsmanship, the introduction of new metal hole cutting technology, the aluminum plate according to designer graphical water cut, the accuracy is high, does not damage the surface, the cooling conditions during the machining of cutting, not deformation, cut surface smooth not sting, small cutting slot, fine craftsmanship, high precision, quick speed, good quality, suitable for all kinds of high precision, complex figure, large-format, special-shaped diagram, graph all sorts of design, such as cutting, because the water cut has its unique advantages, in terms of metal processing, water cutting belongs to cold cutting, no heat affected zone in the machining process, thermal deformation, narrow kerf width.