Facades decorative metal panels aluminum Perforated Metal Sheet Aluminium Exterior Facade Panel

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Features: 1. Lightweight, with better rigidity and greater strength.

2. The flame retardant performance is good and meets the fire protection requirements.

3. Perforated aluminum plates have good weather resistance, self-cleaning, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and can effectively resist acid rain, outdoor air pollution, and UV corrosion.

4. Perforated aluminum plates have good plastic removable properties.

5. Perforated aluminum panels have rich colors and can be selected within a large range, with good visual and decorative effects.

6. The perforated aluminum panel decorative coating has a matte luster, which not only maintains the internationally popular bright style, but also solves the problem of light pollution in glass curtain walls

7. Perforated aluminum plates are lightweight and are often made of high-quality aluminum manganese and aluminum magnesium alloys.

8. Cost savings