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Surface treatment:

The Surface is coated with PVDF fluorocarbon after chromium treatment, and PVDF paint brand options include PPG, Akzo Nobel, Nippon, Tiger and KCC etc. In our factory, we have approximately 100 colors for your choice and we can match the color according to your preference.


Spraying Painting Process:

1) As per AAMA2605-98 stipulated by American Architecture Manufacture Association.

2) Pretreatment of aluminum and aluminum alloy:

Degrease→Alkaline etch→Roughen(pickling)→Chromizing→Baking

3) PVDF spray painting: Workpiece loading→Primer painting→Top coat painting→Finish painting→Curing→Work piece unloading→Inspection→packing


Building curtain wall, ceiling, roofing, pillar, balcony, partition board, exhibition booth and more