Aluminum Alloy Mesh Plate Screen Wall Decoration Materials

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1, aluminum net has light weight, good rigidity, the characteristics of high strength, tensile strength n/was 100-280.

2, aluminum net has no combustibility, fire resistance.

3, aluminum net has excellent weather resistance and ultraviolet resistance, excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance performance in outdoor under normal conditions, do not fade shelf-life for 15 years.

4, aluminum net processing manufaturability is good, use first spray painting process after processing, can be processed into plane, curved surface and spherical surface, tower and other complex shapes.

5, not easy contamination, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Fluorine coating film of viscosity, the surface is very difficult to adherent contaminant, more good self-cleaning.

6, uniform coating, color diversity, optional sex is wide, excellent decorative effect.

7, easy recycling, no pollution, environmentally friendly.

Aluminum plate can be 100 %, different from the glass, stone, ceramic, the adornment material such as aluminum, high recycling salvage value.

8, convenient installation.

Aluminum sheet forming in the factory, construction site without cutting, can be fixed on the frame.