What Are The Construction Techniques Of Exterior Aluminum Veneer?

1. Instrument for curtain wall:

Non-toothed saw blade cutting machine, hand electric drill, impact electric drill, nail gun, various specifications of auger, wrench, screwdriver, hammer, ink line, line hang, nylon line, steel tape, welding machine, oxygen cutting equipment, operating suction cup, electric crane blue, plastic injection gun, air pull riveting gun, safety belt, etc.

2. The preparation work before the entry of materials is the initial stage of the project, which should be completed on schedule, quality and quantity according to the principle of construction service. The details are as follows:

(1) the designer shall, after signing the contract, propose the material plan of the project in the shortest time according to the construction drawing and curtain wall project plan.

(2) the project management department and the production department shall cooperate with each other, make the processing plan of the project according to the construction schedule and the actual situation of the project site, reasonably organize and arrange the production, and guarantee the timely arrival of products.

3. Installation process: laying out, fixing the connecting piece of the skeleton, fixing the skeleton, installing the aluminum plate, processing the closing structure, and testing

4. Precautions for installation

(1) the variety, quality, color, pattern and line of aluminum plate shall conform to the design requirements and shall have product qualification certificate.

(2) when the frame of curtain wall body adopts shaped steel keel, its specification and shape shall conform to the design requirements and shall be treated with rust removal and anti-rust.

(3) aluminum plate installation. When the design is not required, aluminum rivet should be adopted, and rubber ring should be inserted in the middle. The rivet spacing is controlled within 100-150mm.