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The Advantages Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Do Partition Performance

(1) fire: aluminum non-combustible materials.(2) corrosion resistance: aluminum honeycomb panel is surface treated with epoxy fluorocarbon treatment, with good corrosion resistance. Salt fog spray 48 hours with no pinholes, cracks, still.(3) environmental protection: honeycomb panel is made of pure aluminum products, without any harmful volatile gases, no radiation and can be fully recycled, and completely […]

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel FAQ

Frequently asked questions on aluminum honeycomb panel(1) the connection code elements firmly fixed, offset.(2) not straight code installed.(3) aluminum honeycomb panel Board itself is not flat.(4) plastic injection parts clean.(5) plastic seam depth is too large, resulting in bonding on three sides.(6) rubber in before they are fully bonded by dirt contamination or damage.(7) the […]

Excellent Characteristics Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

(1) light weight: aluminium honeycomb panel density, is the weight of similar size in the same thickness of wood 1/5, glass 1/6, greatly reduce the load and cost;(2) sound and fire proof: as the middle layer containing large amounts of air, sound and heat insulation; no flammable materials, fire-proof Grade B1;(3) strength: strength per unit […]

Types Of Basic Aluminum Plate

1. spray plate of the earlier type, seven, eight years ago has popular home improvement market has been gradually replaced with coating film, now a larger amount in the tools market.The manufacturing process is sprayed using polyester powder. The surface color is generally white, light yellow, light blue.2. the roller plate is the introduction of […]

What Is The Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

1, aluminum trim panelAluminum honeycomb panels decorative panels are usually selected as the material of 3003, 5005 and other brands, sheet metal alloy low 1100 less accepted. Decorative surface accepts spray or roller coated, coated with polyester or fluorocarbon, best selection of spraying wall panel boards, and requires more than The paint thickness ≥ 40 […]

Seamless Aluminum Plate Curtain Wall

Seamless aluminum plate curtain wall installation is not very large. Closely related to the architect’s original architectural design, seamless aluminum sheet curtain wall design for practical considerations, might also be considering the decorative effect, for various reasons, cannot be generalized.When it comes to installation of seamless aluminum plate curtain wall, including a secret spell is […]

Definition Of Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum sheet refers to after treatment such as chrome, fluorine-carbon spray coating technology and processing of building decoration materials. Fluorocarbon coatings mainly refers to polyvinylidene fluoride resin (KANAR500), primer, paint, varnish, three. Spraying process is generally divided into two, three or four coating coating coating. Fluorocarbon coating with excellent resistance to corrosion and weathering resistance, […]

Shanghai Main Characteristics Of Aluminum Sheet

1, light weight, good rigidity and high strength 3.0mm thickness aluminum per square 8kg, tensile strength 100-280n/mm22, good corrosion resistance and durability. Kynar-500, hylur500 is used as base material PVDF fluorocarbon paint, available in 25 years without fading.Single aluminum plate curtain wallSingle aluminum plate curtain wall3, good technology. Painting process after first processing, aluminum can […]

Characteristics Of Aluminum Sheet

1, lightning protection characteristicsThe issue has been debated for a long time, people thought aluminum sheet is made of pure aluminum, better electrical conductivity. To address this issue, Germany’s ALUSUISSESINGEN GMBH company in Germany to a military laboratory to do the lightning experiments the two materials. Results showed that the moment when the lightning shock, […]

Aluminum Perforated Panel Process Flow

Aluminum veneer (perforated plate) processing technology for the development of architectural designers to provide more and more, and more and more publicity design space. Really did not realize that only real can not think of the realm. Aluminum veneer curtain wall network and you feel the aluminum veneer (perforated plate) curtain wall works of the […]