Aluminum Perforated Panel Process Flow

Aluminum veneer (perforated plate) processing technology for the development of architectural designers to provide more and more, and more and more publicity design space. Really did not realize that only real can not think of the realm. Aluminum veneer curtain wall network and you feel the aluminum veneer (perforated plate) curtain wall works of the “literary Fan”!

Main construction technology

Perforated plate formerly known as punching plate, is in different materials on the plate punching.

Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum, iron, low carbon steel, copper and so on.

Process: different metal plate through the cut for the appropriate size, in the CNC punch on the perforation.

Hole type: round hole, square hole, prism hole, triangular hole, five-pointed hole hole, long hole and other perforated plate in the real life of the application is very wide, can be used as decorative board, nice

Three benefits of aluminum veneer (perforated plate):

1, lightweight, rigidity is better, the intensity is relatively large.

2, flame retardant function is better, more in line with the demand for fire, aluminum veneer selection of high strength aluminum alloy and fluorocarbon paint or panel composition, with outstanding flame retardant, can go through fire inspection.

3, aluminum veneer in weather resistance, self-cleaning and anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali are very good, can be more effective against acid rain, outdoor air pollution, ultraviolet corrosion. Aluminum veneer consists of a special molecular layout, dust will not easily fall on top, with outstanding self-cleaning function.

 4, aluminum veneer can be remodeled function is better, can be processed into a flat panel, curved panels and spherical panels and other complex graphics, designers can be expressed in a variety of ideas.

5, aluminum veneer colorful, you can choose the scale is relatively wide, rich and visual effect is better, the role of decoration is also very good.

6, aluminum veneer finish coating is used in the glossy matte type of coating, so that both to maintain the international popularity of the bright side of the personality also dealt with the glass curtain wall of light pollution problems, is a rare rare cycle Regeneration, green goods.

7, aluminum veneer components are relatively light, multi-use high-quality aluminum and manganese, aluminum alloy, its own weight is very light, but its interface is connected with modern welding technology, the reverse selection of the ribs, to a certain extent To ensure that the aluminum curtain wall surface flat, wind pressure, impact resistance, etc., useful to reduce the load on the building.

8, aluminum veneer in the factory when it has been processed, the construction of the time no longer need to be processed, so the construction is very convenient and more cost savings.

Construction technology and installation:

1, the process:

Measuring line → connection installation check → purlins, steel frame installation → metal plate installation → plate cleaning caulk → glue seal → surface cleaning

2, technical points:

A, according to the design to determine the grid. According to the sub-program to determine the baseline, pay line.

B, according to the design location of the connector, the connection with L50 * 50 * 5 galvanized angle code, M5 galvanized bolts fixed.

C, the installation of steel skeleton: the main frame with 80 * 60 * 3 galvanized square steel pipe to determine the base measurement error, adjust the horizontal, vertical, spacing error, welding frame, welding to be strong weld full, weld should be polished Smooth; connected with the connector to be strong.