Characteristics Of Aluminum Sheet

1, lightning protection characteristics
The issue has been debated for a long time, people thought aluminum sheet is made of pure aluminum, better electrical conductivity. To address this issue, Germany’s ALUSUISSESINGEN GMBH company in Germany to a military laboratory to do the lightning experiments the two materials. Results showed that the moment when the lightning shock, to curtain walls connected manner, whether it is aluminium composite panel or aluminum sheet, you can completely prevent lightning strikes; in persistent current of lightning strikes when metal plates or metal surface lightning-prone dissolved. Aluminum-Plastic Composite plate due to the PE layer in the middle of a good insulation, lightning damage is restricted to the epidermis, from this perspective, the aluminum-plastic composite panel is better than aluminum veneer the anti-lightning performance.
2, fireproof characteristics
Aluminum sheet is that it does not burn, it is something we all know. Early aluminium composite panel is not able to fire but with the aluminum-plastic composite panel technology development, the production of fireproof aluminum-plastic composite plate due to the toxic flame retardant materials are added in its PE, fire performance greatly improved, can totally meet the needs of fire engineering.
3, salvage value
Aluminum sheet has some residual value, but because of its high cost, compared to almost no residuals for aluminum-plastic composite panel, the waste is of much greater.
To sum up the above analysis, aluminum veneer and aluminum-plastic composite plate is different, however, from the point of view, aluminium composite panels should be more affordable and environmentally friendly.