Shanghai Main Characteristics Of Aluminum Sheet

1, light weight, good rigidity and high strength 3.0mm thickness aluminum per square 8kg, tensile strength 100-280n/mm2
2, good corrosion resistance and durability. Kynar-500, hylur500 is used as base material PVDF fluorocarbon paint, available in 25 years without fading.
Single aluminum plate curtain wall
Single aluminum plate curtain wall
3, good technology. Painting process after first processing, aluminum can be processed into planes, arcs and spheres and other complex geometry.
4, even coating, color variety. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology allows uniform adhesion between the paint and aluminum plates, color variety, select space.
5, easy to stain for easy cleaning and maintenance. Fluorine non-adhesion of paint films, makes it difficult for surface contaminants, more good clean sex.
6, installation fast and easy. Aluminum molding in a factory, construction site does not need trimming, can be fixed on the frame.
7, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. Aluminium can be recycled 100%, unlike glass, stone, ceramics, decorative materials such as aluminum-plastic Board, recycling residual values high.