Excellent Characteristics Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

(1) light weight: aluminium honeycomb panel density, is the weight of similar size in the same thickness of wood 1/5, glass 1/6, greatly reduce the load and cost;
(2) sound and fire proof: as the middle layer containing large amounts of air, sound and heat insulation; no flammable materials, fire-proof Grade B1;
(3) strength: strength per unit mass, high stiffness, not easily deformed, overcame the other decorative plates in a single block area of deformation and collapse of the shortcomings.
Aluminum honeycomb panel ·
(1) building external wall decoration, such as siding, wall Board, etc;
(2) interior decoration, such as reception, lobby, conference room sound-absorbing panels, ceilings, etc;
(3) aluminum honeycomb panel partition: with sound insulation, fire-resistant, moisture-proof function of aluminum honeycomb panels used as partition materials, breaks the traditional mode of partition, with its elegant, stylish style, using frequent, high-end office space;
(4) aluminum honeycomb panel can be diversified and enhanced aesthetics, such as aluminum, wood, gypsum board, marble material, can be made of honeycomb panels, a wide choice of materials.