Types Of Basic Aluminum Plate

1. spray plate of the earlier type, seven, eight years ago has popular home improvement market has been gradually replaced with coating film, now a larger amount in the tools market.
The manufacturing process is sprayed using polyester powder. The surface color is generally white, light yellow, light blue.
2. the roller plate is the introduction of high technology and high performance roller coating process, can effectively control the accuracy and flatness of the plates: effectively eliminate the traditional spray coating craft aluminum ceiling surface SAG and wrinkles. Decorative building uniform color, bright.
3. film in recent years, home improvement process of aluminum plate is more popular on the market, it is divided into Pearl film and Matt film.
Its production process is the selection of imported PVC membrane compounded and applied color coating, surface pattern colorful and has a wear-resistant, stain-resistant, easy cleaning and so on. Relative to other technology, coating technology has the feel good and a selection of colorful surface of the color, change the surface of the metal plate cold, single. Mainly applied to modern home kitchen, bathroom and terrace, by the home decorating favorite.