What Is The Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

1, aluminum trim panel
Aluminum honeycomb panels decorative panels are usually selected as the material of 3003, 5005 and other brands, sheet metal alloy low 1100 less accepted. Decorative surface accepts spray or roller coated, coated with polyester or fluorocarbon, best selection of spraying wall panel boards, and requires more than The paint thickness ≥ 40 μ m, so much more talented guaranteed coating of the fact.
Aluminum painting to pass hard anodising in appearance before disposal of penalties, to ensure that adequate coating adhesion and bonding strength of honeycomb core Panel coating example YS/T429.2-2000 should be satisfied with the country’s requirements.
2, aluminum back plate
Aluminum honeycomb panel back panel should be used with Panel plates of the identical material, appearance by Anodic oxidation disposal of penalties, exposed to the atmosphere in a wall painting covering coating, coating material for polyester, epoxy, acrylic and other materials in case of lasting in the atmosphere caused by the bare aluminum corrosion.
3, aluminium honeycomb core materials
Aluminum honeycomb core material from aluminum foil and glue in aluminum honeycomb core production line dedicated cellular node processing. Important factors influencing the performance of honeycomb core materials include aluminum foil, plastic honeycomb core specifications such as the node parameter.