About The Ceiling Is The Place On The Top Surface Of A Building

The ceiling is the place on the top surface of a building.

In the interior design, the ceiling can be used to paint, paint and beautify the indoor environment, and install chandeliers, light pipes, ceiling fans, skylights, and air conditioners to change the effect of indoor lighting and air circulation.

The main surface treatment of the ceiling is: laminating, rolling and spraying, of which the laminating board is the best.

The ceiling is a general term for decorative interior roofing materials. The decoration material of smallpox is the main basis for distinguishing the name of smallpox, mainly including: light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, gypsum board sky, plywood ceiling, shaped long aluminum gusset ceiling, square lacquered aluminum gusset ceiling, stained glass ceiling, etc. Wait. The decoration of the ceiling, in addition to the selection of materials, is mainly the problem of the shape and size ratio.