Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Main Feature

Aluminum corrugated board is made of aluminum plate by rolling cold bending into a variety of waveforms of the pressure plate, it applies to industrial and civil construction, warehouses and interior and exterior decoration, with light, high strength, fire, long life and other characteristics, Was widely applied.

Punching aluminum honeycomb panels

The honeycomb panels with the same stiffness are only 1/5 of the aluminum veneer and 1/10 of the steel plate. The interconnected aluminum honeycomb core is like numerous I-beam, and the core layer is fixed in the whole board. Stable, its wind pressure performance is much higher than the aluminum plate and aluminum veneer, and is not easy to deformation, good flatness characteristics, even if the honeycomb board grid size is large.

Punching aluminum honeycomb board main features:

1, light, low installation load;

2, high flatness, not easy to deformation, high safety factor;

3, has a very good sound-absorbing performance.

4, more ornamental.

The honeycomb has a small hole in the aluminum skin so that the gas in the plate can flow freely. The slidable mounting buckle system does not cause structural deformation during thermal expansion and contraction, thus ensuring extremely high flatness.

Punching aluminum honeycomb panels

Stainless steel honeycomb panels are easy to install and fast.

Punching aluminum honeycomb board Adhesive adhesive: Two-component polyurethane high-temperature curing adhesive, with automatic honeycomb board composite production equipment by pressing high temperature compound, to overcome the previous honeycomb board adhesive layer brittle problem.

The use of roll forming technology to complete the formation of positive and back skin, automatic machine equipment, folding, positive, back skin in the installation side tightly bite.

The inner layer is a specially made hexagonal aluminum honeycomb, made of aluminum alloy with hardness of H19, and is used as a core plate adhered to the sandwich structure to withstand the pressure in tangential direction.

Mirror honeycomb board appearance straight, colorful, uniform color and stability.

Punching aluminum honeycomb panels

These intertwined dense honeycomb like many small I-beam, can be decentralized from the direction of the pressure from the panel, so that the plate evenly to ensure that the panel in a large area can still maintain a high degree of flatness. Installation with both sides of the installation, no mechanical damage.

Wooden aluminum honeycomb board installed

Wooden aluminum honeycomb board installation column installation of the column and the first connection to the connection, and then connected with the main part of the embedded parts, and adjust and fixed. Adjacent two column installation elevation deviation should not be greater than 3mm, the same layer of the column height deviation should not be greater than 5mm, adjacent two columns of the distance deviation should not be greater than 2mm.

Mirror honeycomb board appearance straight, colorful, uniform color and stability.

The honeycomb aluminum plate is made of high strength aluminum alloy plate as the surface, the bottom plate and the aluminum honeycomb core are made of high temperature and high pressure compound. It is a composite sheet material. It adopts honeycomb sandwich structure, excellent material selection, advanced technology and reasonable structure. Aluminum honeycomb panels installed in the color, flatness and so has a great advantage.

Aluminum honeycomb board is installed

1, the link angle plus anti-corrosion plastic plus gasket, plus spring washers, plus wear bolts and keel hand twist fixed.

2, the keel on the mouth docking logo location, spot welding code temporary fixed.