Aluminum panel manufacturers install aluminum panel curtain wall cold knowledge

Fluorocarbon aluminum panel is the most commonly used decorative material with excellent performance and good adornment. The base material is made of high quality aluminum alloy. After cutting, marking open Angle, bending, rolling arc, argon arc welding, grinding, assembly, polishing and other preliminary processing molding, and then surface treatment, such as: powder, polyester, fluorocarbon, thermal printing to wood grain, anodic oxidation, etc.. Aluminum panel can be moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, shockproof, anti-rain leakage, anti-air penetration, lightning resistance, wind resistance, impact resistance and other advantages Main features of special-shaped aluminum panel: Light weight, high strength and good rigidity. Weather resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, long life, long surface Good technology, good decoration, can be customized arbitrary modeling. Environmental protection, convenient construction and installation.

Whether it is the installation of aluminum panel curtain wall or other work, we should strictly control every link according to the specific needs, strictly comply with the requirements of the industry standards, to avoid the omission or neglect of a certain detail and lead to the overall effect of the later period and increase the maintenance work in the later period. To keep improving is not only a responsible attitude towards work, but also a strict requirement on oneself. In the process of installing aluminum panel curtain wall, we need to pay special attention to the details, but also pay attention to safety. Aluminum panel manufacturers here share some cold knowledge in the process of installing aluminum panel curtain wall. I hope it will be helpful to you.

First, when installing aluminum panel curtain wall, the performance of aluminum panel curtain wall should be strictly required. Carefully select the color, pattern and texture of aluminum panel curtain wall; Purchase the corresponding product category according to the demand. Some projects have high requirements for design, so it is necessary to communicate with the aluminum panel manufacturer in advance, as well as communicate and coordinate with the design team, adjust according to the need, to ensure that the design effect is achieved after installation.

Second, aluminum panel curtain wall keel choice also needs to pay special attention, should from the normal channels to purchase normal quality products, at the same time during the installation process need to do some protection against rust, keel protection, avoid some causes keel in use after a period of time rust or corrode, affect the normal use of the aluminum sheet curtain wall and decorative effect.

Third, fixing is a very critical step in the installation work, is also a very important step, not only related to the decorative effect, but also related to safety, if there is a problem in fixing, may lead to the fall of aluminum panel curtain wall, a threat to personal safety and property safety. So the installation process needs to use rivets to fix, but also can use rubber to be fixed.

The more delicate the installation work, the more serious and responsible the work, the more worthy of people rest assured.