Aluminum Perforated Panel According To Different Material

Round hole net according to different materials are divided into: stainless steel 201 round hole mesh, stainless steel 304 round hole mesh, stainless steel 316 round hole mesh, cold galvanized round hole mesh, hot galvanized round hole mesh, aluminum round hole mesh and copper round hole Network, etc., and according to the large species can be divided into the basic: stainless steel, galvanized, iron round hole network, in real life in a variety of materials, round hole network use is also different, for example, stainless steel round hole for building Materials and kitchen utensils, (such as kitchen with fence is a stainless steel round hole deep processing) In addition, can also be used for food, machinery, environmental tables and chairs (parks, banks round hole mesh chair) and many other aspects, Hole is used for mining, medicine, food screening, indoor noise, silencer, grain storage ventilation, mechanical protection, building decoration, etc., aluminum round hole is more used for

1. Sound-absorbing noise barriers for building noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise,

2. Can be used for building ceilings, wall panels of sound-absorbing material, can be used for building stairs, balconies, green tables and chairs of the beautifully decorated orifice;

3. Can be used for mechanical equipment, protective cover, gorgeous speaker net cover, food, feed, mining with the grinding screen, mine screen,

Kitchen equipment with stainless steel fruit basket, food hood, fruit and other kitchen utensils, grain storage ventilation network, football lawn water seepage filter, and so on;

4. Shopping malls with the shelves, decorative booths and so on

5. All kinds of special-shaped plate net for food machinery, drying sieve plate, decorating ceiling, instrument shell, audio speakers, sound-absorbing sound and other equipment. Lightweight bumps, for platforms, pedals, filters and a variety of filter valves.

Aluminum plate punching board features: light weight, nice, good filter performance.

The main purposes are: mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, textile, medicine, aviation, aerospace, highway, railway, garden protection, aquatic products, farming, metallurgical machinery construction, transportation, machinery, civil, electronics, Electrical products, speaker production, as well as small equipment protection of the protective cover and hood, silencer system original, filter filter in the shield and furniture, booth production.

Uses: metal punching plate is widely used in air insulation panels, ceiling decoration, machinery and equipment protective cover, dust mill sieve, mine sieve, kitchen equipment supplies, grain storage ventilation network, soccer field seepage filter, all kinds of decorative booth, Environmental protection trash, environmental tables and chairs, and so on. Mesh plates, also known as punching stencils, are used in real life for a wide range of applications such as (electrical mesh plates, air conditioning mesh boards, mechanical mesh boards), and so on. Practice and processing process, and now I will give you about the practice of mesh plate.

First, in the process of making the mesh plate first to know the use of the mesh, according to the use of mesh plate selection of non-material mesh plate production of raw material board. The main raw material board are: low carbon steel plate, galvanized steel plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate. When we know the use of the mesh can choose the appropriate raw material board, compile the corresponding data program, open the CNC machine power supply, manually adjust the feeder position, when the adjustment of the location to open the machine to start the switch, when the machine according to our preparation After the program is finished, a complete mesh network is created..