Application Of Imitation Stone Aluminum Solid Panel In Complex Stone Modeling

Decorative plates made of stone for a long time, with decorative, easy processing advantages, but its own shortcomings obvious, heavy and difficult to move, installation and disassembly inconvenience, the more the larger the project, the more difficult the more prominent; In addition, the stone easily broken , If the special-shaped plate, remedy even more troublesome. Therefore, the development of rock materials, has become an objective need.

Imitation stone aluminum veneer generally use high-quality aluminum-manganese alloy or aluminum-magnesium alloy plate as the substrate, the shape can be designed according to multi-angle bending, can fully express the designer’s design concept; According to the customer to provide stone samples of paint, high degree of simulation of decorative effect, design more complex engineering applications have obvious advantages.

Stone products in the performance and functionality than the traditional stone veneer decorative board has seven major advantages:

1, light weight, good rigidity, high strength.

2, weather resistance and good corrosion resistance, can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet light erosion. With long service life.

3, self-cleaning, due to the special molecular structure of the water-in-water layer so that no static electricity will be generated on the surface and water molecules will form on the surface of the water film. In order to achieve self-cleaning.

4, rich colors, decorative effect is good. The use of advanced water-in-water paint spraying technology, according to the needs of users, you can copy a variety of natural stone appearance of high degree of simulation, and is the use of the most advanced spraying technology and equipment to spray uniform, strong adhesion.

 Abnormity imitation stone aluminum veneer simulation effect is good

5, high strength: high strength aluminum alloy used, and the opening of the welding process, greatly increased the degree of aluminum plate to ensure that the curtain wall wind, shock, rainwater leakage, anti-air penetration, lightning protection , Impact resistance. Aluminum veneer can be processed into different specifications of the flat, hyperbolic panels, shaped plates to be a variety of complex shapes, sheet metal forming, after surface treatment, can be a variety of stone-like appearance of spraying, widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration. The variability of the shape of the aluminum veneer is the vast majority of the exterior wall decorative plate can not be done.

6, installation and construction convenient and fast. Aluminum veneer in the factory according to customer drawings arbitrary processing molding, on-site installation can be.

7, recyclable, there is no accumulation of garbage, is a good environmentally friendly products. 100% aluminum can be recycled, unlike glass, ceramic, aluminum plate and other decorative materials.

Stone effect, shaped effect

From economic and design and construction point of view, imitation stone aluminum veneer also has obvious advantages. Natural stone decorative plates because of its non-renewable, difficult to extract and other factors, the price has been relatively high, some imported natural stone prices are unattainable. In recent years, due to the country’s environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, the price of natural stone soars in the country, many stone due to the recent mining restrictions have even reached the point where they can not offer. In the complex shape of the processing, stone decorative plate because of its natural performance and processing technology limitations, with great limitations, the price is more than several times flat stone. Imitation stone aluminum veneer prices more stable, the shape can be designed according to the needs of multi-angle bending, shaped plate price and the standard version of the price difference is not; decorative effect can be based on the need to imitate the appearance of a variety of stone effect, Can get the effect of high-grade imported stone; imitation stone aluminum veneer fully customized according to the drawings processing, no scraps, no transport loss, no on-site cutting, almost zero loss can be achieved; lightweight imitation stone aluminum veneer, the installation process is simple, To substantially reduce the cost of installation of the owners to improve the construction safety factor. Imitation stone aluminum veneer in engineering applications in the comprehensive economic far superior to the stone trim.

 Imitation stone aluminum veneer

Imitation stone aluminum veneer performance, to meet the use of functional at the same time, taking into account the comprehensive economy, architectural design in the era of individuality, Imitation stone aluminum veneer can be a perfect alternative to the use of stone in the construction of exterior decoration, And more suitable for the interpretation of the more complex design language.