Carving Hollow Aluminum Panel Curtain Wall Exterior Decorative

Carving hollow aluminum panel as a kind of carving art, need exquisite craft. Nowadays, more and more architectural designers integrate the fashion element of carving and hollowed-out into architectural decoration, which not only enrichis decorative art, but also enrichis people’s living space. Carved aluminum vpanel can continue to extend the flat panel into the sense of space, with light, breathable, shaping the role of decorative style.

Changing with different design, size, density of the groove surface have move feeling, combined with different shape profiled processing environment, another line is more lively, elegant, break through the traditional concept of modelling, more suitable for a variety of modern advanced club house, office and other occasions, fashionable gens of vibrant in the infinite space of thinking, it is a new kind of decorative form practical beautiful.

The introduction of a new engraving hollow-out cutting technology, the aluminum panel according to the designer’s figure for cutting, high accuracy process, no damage to the surface, processing products in the cooling state of cutting, no deformation, cutting surface smooth not stabbing hand, no burr, small cutting seam, fine process, high accuracy, good quality, Suitable for all kinds of high speed, complex map, large map, special-shaped map, curve and other complicated pattern cutting.

Carved hollow aluminum panel can be processed into a variety of specifications and different shapes of special-shaped aluminum panel, according to the designer’s requirements, made into a variety of door head, ceiling, curtain wall, column and other patterns. Aluminum panel base material used 1100H24, 1060H24, 3003H24, 5005H24 curtain wall special single-layer aluminum alloy panel.

If you want to stand out, don’t miss the curtain wall made of aluminum panel. The aluminum panel is good-looking because the light just shines down from the pattern of the hollow carving, and there is quite a ‘drunk after I do not know the day in the water, the boat is full of dream pressure star river’ feeling. Aluminum panel can not look good. Other advantages are listed in detail:

◆ Grade A fire prevention, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof.

◆ Anti-rust, anti-damage, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mildew.

◆ Long service life, can keep 10-15 years no color change, no deformation.

◆ Strong plasticity, can be processed into a variety of complex modeling.

◆ Green environmental protection, recyclable, protect the ecological environment, reduce the waste of material resources.