Construction scheme of aluminum veneer for external wall curtain wall

Construction scheme for aluminum veneer installation of external wall curtain wall:

1、 Preparation and instruction for installation of aluminum veneer of external wall curtain wall

1. According to the steel wire arranged by the pay off group, the installation shall be carried out in combination with the construction drawing. First, the single corner code shall be spot welded on the embedded parts according to the size line, and then the position size and perpendicularity shall be checked

2. The aluminum plate curtain wall shall be installed according to the size number of the aluminum plate at the design position, and the width, horizontal, vertical and plate flatness of the wiring joint shall meet the specified requirements. Finally, clean the joint and inject glue.

3 before installation, clean the dirt on the four sides of the aluminum plate to ensure the reliable bonding of the embedded weatherproof glue.

4 plates can be installed only after passing self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection.

5. After the installation of the aluminum plate, the parts easy to be polluted shall be covered with plastic film for protection. The parts easy to be scratched and touched shall be protected by safety railings.

6. The clearance between aluminum plates is generally 10-20 mm, which shall be treated with rubber strip or sealing elastic material.

7. In the installation process, the installation shall be carried out according to the number of screws specified in the design, and there shall be no less installation. In the installation process, not only the flatness, but also the size of the dividing joint and various indicators shall be considered, so as to control within the error range.

2、 Installation of column and beam
1. The installation dimension error of the whole wall vertical keel shall be digested within the size range of the outer control line, and the error number shall not extend outward. The vertical keel is installed according to the control steel line 4 near the axis.

2. After the installation of the vertical keel, check the grid condition. If it meets the specification requirements, install the horizontal keel. The more accurate the size of the transverse steel keel is, the better. If the gap is too large, the welding deformation will occur during the welding process, which will affect the flatness of the whole curtain wall aluminum veneer.

2.3. After spot welding for horizontal material installation, attention should be paid to the welding sequence (figure a) during construction welding, and the gap between horizontal material and vertical material is too large to fill (Figure b).

3. After the completion of welding process construction, carry out self inspection, check the weld quality and geometric size. If the self inspection is qualified, fill in the concealment form and report to the supervisor for acceptance. After the acceptance is qualified, the weld shall be painted with two coats of antirust paint. Carry out the next process.

3、 The installation and construction technology and technical scheme of aluminum panel
1. process operation process: construction preparation → inspection and acceptance of aluminum plate plate → maintenance of aluminum plate plate → stacking aluminum plate plate according to installation position → initial installation → adjustment → fixing → acceptance.

2 basic operation instructions:

2.1. construction preparation: due to the aluminum plate plate installation in the whole curtain wall installation is the final finished product, sufficient preparation shall be made before construction. Arrange the personnel according to the actual situation and the project schedule requirements during the arrangement, generally, 2-3 persons are arranged in each group. The preparation of materials, tools and appliances is to check whether all the aluminum plates of the construction face are in the same position and whether there are any plates on site or damaged. The preparation of construction site is to check whether the aluminum plate of the construction face is present or not, whether there are any aluminum plates on site or damaged. The preparation of construction site shall be left in sufficient places to meet the installation needs.

2.2. check and accept aluminum plate:

a. The contents of the inspection are as follows:

(1) Whether the specification and quantity are correct and the color number is correct and intact;

(2) Whether there are dislocation plates in each part;

(3) Whether the aluminum plate is stacked safely and reliably;

(4) Whether there is any aluminum plate with error exceeding the standard;

(5) Is there any damaged aluminum panel.

b. The acceptance contents include:

(1) Whether the three-dimensional error is within the control range;

(2) Whether there is any damage to the aluminum plate pendant, the replacement shall be replaced;

(3) Sampling connection test.

c. Detailed records shall be made for inspection and acceptance and bound into a volume for signing and signing the list of personnel participating in the acceptance and inspection.

2.3. aluminum plate plate shall be stacked according to the number specification: before installing the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate shall be cleaned and stacked according to the installation position, and the aluminum plate shall be placed in accordance with the installation number sequence. The stacking shall be inclined properly to avoid overturning of aluminum plate.

2.4. surface maintenance of aluminum panel:

d. Clean the surface of aluminum panel;

e. Remove the protective package after the protection and installation is completed during the installation;

2.5. initial installation: 4-6 persons in each group during installation, and the installation has the following steps: (right up and down installation)

f. Check and find aluminum panel;

g. Transport aluminum panel;

h. Adjust the direction;

i. Transport the aluminum plate to the installation position;

2.3. according to the position of the numbering drawing, install the aluminum plate. The horizontal and vertical control lines shall be pulled for the installation of the aluminum plate. Because there are always some irregularities in the whole steel frame, the aluminum plate support points shall be adjusted and leveled.

2.4. aluminum plate shall be handled vertically during the process of handling and hoisting, and it is not suitable to carry the aluminum plate surface up and down platform. This avoids deflection of the aluminum plate (shown)

2.5. installation of aluminum panel

A. Before the installation of aluminum plate, check and measure and adjust the horizontal and vertical connection parts;

B. During installation, the deviation between left and right and upper and lower shall not be greater than 1.5mm;

4、 Glue
It is difficult to use recessive glue joint for aluminum single panel curtain wall. Special ruler is needed to wear on glue gun to ensure the thickness of glue striking.

1. after the aluminum plate is installed, the foam bar shall be filled. The choice of the foam strip shall be selected according to the size of the glue joint, and the foam rod will be cut open and cut to the inside before filling. The depth of the foam packing should be consistent, and there should not be any unevenness. In the construction, it should be filled with a ruler.

2. after the foam bar is filled, paste the pattern paper. The paste should be horizontal and straight without distortion.

3. during the process of glue injection, the glue shall be continuously full, and the scraping shall be uniform and smooth without knife jumping.

3.1. the glue injection of the joint shall be applied from the bottom to the top to pay attention to the uniformity of the injection. After the glue application, the surface of the joint shall be scratched and the finishing and finishing can overcome some blistering phenomenon. More importantly, the proficiency and responsibility of the operator.

3.2. glue the West or north side of the building in the morning, and in the afternoon on the east or south side of the building. After injection, after a period of curing, the surface has been skinned, and when the sun is re exposed, it has certain resistance, and some blistering phenomena can be overcome.

3.3. when the weather resistant caulking of metal aluminum panel curtain wall is conducted, in hot summer, when the sun is exposed to the metal plate, the surface temperature of aluminum plate will reach 80 ℃, and the glue injection will easily cause blistering of the adhesive joint. Therefore, it is necessary to apply glue in the second half of the afternoon or cloudy day to improve the foaming situation.