Curtain Wall Decorative Aluminum Panel Beautiful And Generous

Decorative aluminum panel mesh can be used to decorate conference hall wall, ceiling wall, building exterior wall, etc. Punching aluminum panel is very economical, practical and beautiful.

Curtain wall aluminum plate mesh production process: raw materials through special alloy steel die punching and drawing. Curtain wall aluminum mesh features: not easy to rust, beautiful color. Curtain wall decorative aluminum plate mesh, made of standard aluminum plate mesh. Aluminum plate decorative net is strong and strong, not easy to deformation after many years of use. Aluminum plate mesh is used in construction decoration used in outdoor curtain wall, because of its unique metal material soundness, make curtain wall aluminum plate mesh can easily withstand adverse climate factors such as the storm hit, at the same time, easy to maintain, simply from the perspective of the ornamental aluminum mesh stereo sense is strong, give a person with visual enjoyment, when used as the roof of the indoor or partition wall, The unique permeability and luster of its material endowed with space more aesthetic fun.

Curtain wall aluminum mesh design is flexible: good artistic effect, architects can design a variety of shapes according to their own needs, can present different colors, and coordinate with the surrounding environment, with light, so that the building and nature into one, so that high-rise buildings to reduce the pressure. Strong earthquake resistance: flexible design, strong wind resistance and earthquake resistance, is the best choice for tall buildings. Systematic construction: Systematic construction is easier to control the construction period, and the time is shorter.