Hot Selling Metal Decoration Aluminum Air Conditioner Cover

Everyone in life sees that the exterior walls of high-end buildings are very beautifully decorated. The aluminum air-conditioning cover can not only beautify the building, but also prolong the service life of the air-conditioning mainframe.

Product parameters Material used: 3003 series aluminum alloy

Thickness: 1.5-3.0

Reinforcement type: square tube

Surface treatment: PE/PVDF

Style: folding / integrated

  Carved fancy: customers provide drawings / manufacturers to provide information for selection

The technological process of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover, the production of aluminum alloy air conditioning cover by blanking, hollowing, bending, welding, grinding, surface treatment assembly and other multi-channel forming process to make the product present various geometric shapes, can easily achieve a variety of complex plate type processing, and the surface treatment process is also more important. The surface coating largely determines the service life of the aluminum alloy air conditioning cover. The aluminum alloy air conditioning cover with poor surface coating may be dilapidated in 2-3 years. And high quality aluminum alloy air conditioning cover coating can be used at least 8 years.

Aluminum alloy air conditioning cover products in the style, material and other aspects of great improvement, in which there are more styles in the style, there are integral, there are also convenient transportation folding, easy to install the second generation of products; In the material, there are commonly used aluminum alloy, rust prevention steel plate; In color, different colors, according to customer needs to spray; Specifications and sizes can also be customized according to customer requirements, to meet the different needs of more customers