New Engraved CNC Cutting Fashionable Aluminum Panel For Exterior Or Interior

Basic Info

Model NO.:Qi Aluminum015

Open: Opening

Glass Curtain Wall Kind: Wall Cladding

Supporting Construction: Frame Type

Metal Curtain Wall Kind: Aluminum Panel Curtain Wall

Usage: Exterior Wall

Size: According to Customized

Transport Package: with Paper and Wooden Case

Origin: Made in China

Type: Overhang Curtain Wall

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Frame Curtain Wall Kind: Hidden Frame

Shape: as Drawings

Specila Function: Ventilation Curtain Wall

Color: More Than 40colors to Choose

PVDF Painting Guarantee: More Than15- 20years

Alloy: 1100H 24/ 3003 H14/ 3003H24

Trademark: Qi Aluminum

Specification: customized


        1. Good rigidity and environmental resistance

        2. UV-resistant, Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant

        3. Light wight, easy to install

        4. Self-clean and maintenance

        5. Sound-insulation

        6. 100% recyclable


        1. Exterior curtain wall, wall cladding and facade

        2. Old building decoration and renovation

        3. Interior wall, ceiling, balcony and screen

        4. Shop mall, supermarket decoration

        5. Subway station,hotel, university…

Product features

1, structure part: punching aluminum panel is a product belonging to the aluminum panel series, it is composed of a plurality of hole shape, so the weight of the product compared with other types of aluminum panel weight more portable.

2, plasticity: the product not only has a very fashionable shape, but also has a very good weather resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-ultra, fire prevention and other characteristics. In a variety of holes in different ways of arrangement, in the shape of very beautiful, its decorative effect is also very good.

3, sound insulation effect: the product also has a certain degree of noise reduction ability, this is because under the condition of porous, can make the sound wave through, so as to reduce the noise.

4, custom design: punching aluminum panel can meet the user’s individual pursuit of decorative style. Punching aluminum panel needs to be completed by the designer before processing. After the confirmation of the design drawing, you can process and produce (punching aluminum panel specification, square number, shape, thickness, punching/perforation amount).

Product advantages

一, punching aluminum panel is also aluminum panel, because of the existence of the hole, so its texture is relatively light compared with other types of aluminum panel.

二, it is not only beautiful in shape, but also has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fire prevention and moisture resistance.

三, a variety of holes and different arrangement, beautiful shape, decorative effect is very good.

四. It also provides moderate noise reduction, mainly due to holes that allow sound waves to pass through, thus reducing sound intensity.