Punching Aluminum Veneer _ New Favorite Of Aluminum Veneer Decorative Materials

With the rise of aluminum veneer decoration materials, building curtain wall decoration can be seen everywhere. The colourful colors add to the monotony of the city.

Aluminum veneer and fluorocarbon veneer are common aluminum veneers, but can you add some artistic elements on the original basis? So the imaginative architect had a bold innovation, and new crafts appeared – punched aluminum veneers.

However, the so-called punching aluminum veneer is not simply to punch a few holes randomly. The density and size of the holes will affect the beauty of the whole aluminum veneer. Therefore, customers can customize aluminum veneer products according to their own requirements.

The beauty of perforated aluminum veneer is recognized, so can the quality catch the customer’s heart as before?

Description of punching aluminum veneer:

1. Light weight, strong corrosion resistance and cleaning

2. Strong fire resistance and high safety index are the first choice for home decoration materials

3. Punching hole can better play the heat dissipation and ventilation effect, and it is also the preferred decoration material in public places with large human flow

Construction process of punching aluminum veneer:

1. Draw a line for the aluminum veneer to be punched to determine the size, diameter and spacing of the punching holes

2. Bend, have a little radian, and add a little beauty of the product

3. Installation. This step has high requirements on the construction technology. Please refer to the detailed construction steps of the perforated aluminum veneer

4. Polish, install Angle code, polish, process, spray paint and other construction steps step by step

Set beauty and practical in a body of punching aluminum veneer, welcome to customize, shan he construction materials aluminum veneer manufacturers.