Shanhe 2.5MM Shape Aluminum Veneer, Special-shaped Aluminum Plate Custom Manufacturer, Double-curved Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall

Shanhe 2.5mm shape aluminum veneer shaped aluminum plate custom manufacturer, double curved aluminum veneer curtain wall Guangdong famous strong enterprise, Guangdong Shanhe building materials, imported German Tektronix laser cutting machine, Japan imported Amada large CNC automatic cutting machine And engraving machine, as well as a variety of precision CNC punching machines, bending machines.

A fully automatic universal spraying line that can accept a variety of surface treatments, dusting, paint, fluorocarbon! ! It adopts high-quality aluminum alloy panel as the base material, 1100.3003.5005. The thickness of the aluminum plate is 0.4-4mm. It is operated by advanced equipment and experienced masters to ensure that the plate can be flat and not deformed after processing, and the external force resistance is superior during the installation process. Uniform, bright, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation, super corrosion-resistant.

Leveling, quality and fast delivery are the highest selling points of our products and the leading brands in the industry! Existing major customers include: Nanning Metro! Vanke! Wanda square! Guangzhou World Trade Center! R&F Real Estate! Guiguang high-speed rail! Wuhan Metro! Nanning BRT! Such as the shape of aluminum veneer project case Shanhe main high-quality products, good quality, superb craftsmanship, rich and complete products, professional and perfect service and the products that can withstand the test is the foundation of the industry.