To create a personalized building, it is necessary to use it with special-shaped aluminum panel

special-shaped aluminum panel is different from conventional aluminum panel molded board, it is according to the design needs of the conventional aluminum panel after multiple machine bending, stretching, artificial grinding to form different shapes, different shapes of aluminum panel. Special-shaped aluminum panel production process is complex, high technical requirements, the cost is also higher than the conventional. However, with different shapes and rich colors, it meets the needs of architectural design and creates a unique architectural design style, which can fully show the designer’s distinctive design style and architectural concept. Because of its shape and charm, the building is brilliant and unique, attracting people’s attention and praise.

Special-shaped aluminum panel is a kind of aluminum panel products, which is different from other ordinary aluminum panel products because of its irregular plate shape. It is mainly used in the interior and exterior wall decoration design of modern buildings, and is a commonly used decorative material in the architectural decoration industry. In fact, most people who understand aluminum panel products know that in order to create a personalized building, it is basically necessary to use with special-shaped aluminum panel products. Everyone should observe in life, such as station, stadium, exhibition hall, often use these irregular shaped aluminum panel.

Aluminum panel curtain wall is especially widely used in interior and exterior walls. Aluminum panel curtain wall is more and more favored by the market because of its outstanding advantages. Aluminum panel light weight, high rigid strength, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, can be processed into a plane, arc surface, spherical and other complex shapes, the surface treatment is rich in color, simple installation and construction, convenient cleaning and maintenance, has excellent environmental protection and fire performance, has good seismic performance and wind resistance.

Special-shaped aluminum panel has the following characteristics:

1. Special-shaped aluminum panel has good rigidity, light weight, high strength, beautiful shape and rich color.

2, special-shaped aluminum panel has good corrosion resistance, fluorocarbon coating can not change color for a long time.

3. The process performance of special-shaped aluminum panel is better. Aluminum plates can be easily machined into a variety of complex geometric shapes, such as flat, curved and spherical.

4, special-shaped aluminum panel is not easy to dirty, easy to clean and maintain.

5, can achieve 100 percent recycling, in line with the concept of modern social environmental protection.

The installation and construction of special-shaped aluminum panel is more convenient. After processing and forming, it is transported to the construction site. It does not need to be cut when installing, but only needs to be fixed simply, which reduces the construction period and reduces the project cost.

Special-shaped aluminum panel can meet the personalized needs of architecture to the greatest extent and better express the design concept of designers, so it is widely sought after by designers. Aluminum panel products are widely used in some large public places, some landmark buildings in the city also choose shaped aluminum panel products.