Two Mounting Methods For Aluminum Veneer

 We all know the four steps of wall aluminum veneer installation. Can we know the installation of aluminum veneer is divided into two types? The installation of aluminum veneer is mainly divided into two types: tight fitting installation and non-tight fitting installation.

        From the production process and installation process, the aluminum veneer is much more complicated than the aluminum veneer. Usually, indoor curtain walls, cladding beams and columns should be laminated with aluminum veneers. Non-laminated aluminum veneers are generally only used for exterior wall decoration. Non-laminated aluminum veneers are allowed to have a little machining error and installation error, and the installation requirements for steel frames are also a little smaller.

        According to the installation experience of Xin he Mei Te Building Materials, more and more projects also use the installation method of close combination in outdoor installation of aluminum veneer. That is to say, the installation trend of external wall aluminum veneer is moving closer to the close-fitting installation.

       Do not close the installation of aluminum veneer can have a gap, generally in the gap hit on the glass glue. Therefore, the requirements of aluminum veneer for aluminum veneer itself and steel frame is not so high, there is a certain error will not affect the decorative effect. However, there should be no glue seam in the installation of dense aluminum veneer, especially for the installation of wood grain aluminum veneer. The grain must be aligned, which poses a great challenge to the production and installation requirements.

      The production and processing difficulty of laminated aluminum veneer is much higher than that of laminated aluminum veneer. Therefore, manufacturers that can produce non-laminated aluminum veneers may not be able to produce laminated aluminum veneers, because the error requirements of laminated veneer are very small, they may not be able to produce.

      However, the manufacturer of the laminated aluminum veneer can produce the laminated aluminum veneer, and the error of the laminated aluminum veneer produced will be much smaller than that of the manufacturer of the laminated aluminum veneer. Because the skills and proficiency of the workers than the production of non – laminated aluminum veneer is higher. So we choose aluminum veneer manufacturers, we must choose a good aluminum veneer manufacturers, especially the aluminum veneer project.