Why Manufacturers Need The Drawings When You Want To Get A Price Of Aluminum Panel?

Factories receive the customer’s inquiry often encountered customers provide the thickness of the aluminum veneer, version, as well as the number, it is necessary to give the factory price. When the factory needs customers to provide drawings to quote, the customer does not understand: Why aluminum veneer quote drawings?

Aluminum veneer offer is a customer more concerned about an important issue, the price will affect the possibility of cooperation between the two sides.

However, in the aluminum veneer quotation process is the need for architectural design drawings, which is why, because there are many factors affecting the price of aluminum veneer, such as aluminum veneer color, paint type, aluminum substrate type, aluminum single Board shape, etc., which is an important part of aluminum veneer shape. Customer’s description alone is not enough to quote the exact price.

The reason why the engineering drawings, because through the drawings can be seen in detail the type of aluminum veneer required, is curved plate, or flat, or punching, understand the needs of customers. This aluminum veneer factory salesman offer very useful, and ultimately be able to report a relatively reasonable price, so I hope customers can accurately provide the appropriate engineering drawings.