Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Practical And Beautiful

Every time we talk about the decoration problem, we should all want to be able to decorate into their favorite look. But the world is dilemma. In many cases, we have no way to meet everyone at the same time, even members of the same family, there will always be different opinions, maybe he likes black, maybe she likes white. This time, for the family happiness, how should we do it? The advice of the door is that we can choose some wild products, so that both practical and beautiful. The aluminum hanging piece is one of the more popular ceiling material.

If you have only heard or have not heard of aluminum honeycomb board, it does not matter, we have the door now for everyone to do a simple introduction to see if you really understand the “aluminum coupons”!

Aluminum hanging piece of the outstanding because it broke the previous large shape of the ceiling style, can become a home and large places of fine decorative materials. Aluminum plywood aluminum ceilings can make the long distance of the space is more spacious, so that the shape of the space is more spacious, so that the long space is no longer due to distance and produce a sense of cautious, simple but not flat, adequate light perception and layered , But also make the space full of fashion.

Aluminum hanging film is a ceiling series of the total name, is a decorative curtain hanging ceiling aluminum ceiling, bright and elegant lines, the overall permeability, harmony, rich color, the choice of appropriate height, with appropriate visual angle, can produce curtain effect, Making the design changes thousands: J-type coupons, S-type coupons, olecranon-type coupons, U-hangers, drip-type coupons, tube-type coupons, and so on shape, the effect of beautiful.

Talking about the aluminum hanging piece, it naturally had to talk about its advantages: fire, water, environmental protection, sound absorption, reflective insulation, structured, nice, simple lines, durable, good ventilation, easy assembly and disassembly Users require adjustment of the height of the view, the benefits of space lighting effects and fire sprinkler, air conditioning series and other facilities to install.

In the modern decoration, there is no use of honeycomb aluminum ceiling before and after the difference is very large. Aluminum hanging piece is a decorative curtain hanging ceiling, lines bright and elegant, the overall permeability, harmony, rich color. Choose the appropriate height, with the appropriate visual angle, can produce curtain effect, making the design changes, the effect of beautiful.

The door is bright and elegant, choose the appropriate height, with the appropriate visual angle, can produce curtain effect; its maintenance restrictions less, so that changes in the design of thousands, the use of one- The whole building is spacious and transparent.

Aluminum hanging in the aluminum hanging sheet maintenance on this issue, we have expert advice that we can do this:

① processed into doors, windows, regularly with a clean cloth and a neutral detergent to clean the surface of aluminum;

② in the handling process, you must gently, to prevent bumps caused by surface bumps, affecting the surface beautiful;

③ storage environment should be dry, bright, well ventilated, no corrosive climate, and should be strict weather, water, snow intrusion;