Aluminum Solid Panel High Utilization Rate Of Recycling

Tell the application of aluminum solid panel in urban traffic

Aluminum solid panel because of its light weight, excellent molding, high strength, corrosion resistance, high recycling efficiency in many materials stand out in the subway, waiting hall, the facade of the building, whether functional or decorative Of the applications are selected with aluminum solid panel. In the case of

With the development of China’s economy, the urban and inter-city rail transit has also entered a period of rapid development, but at the same time energy crisis, environmental degradation and other problems exist on the development of rail transit vehicles put forward higher requirements. Especially in Europe and the United States and other developed industrial countries, aluminum and aluminum solid panel in the transportation equipment manufacturing industry continues to increase, and achieved good economic and social benefits

According to data released by the Ministry of Railways, by the end of October 2010, China has put into operation the high-speed railway network total length of 7431 kilometers, the length of the world’s first, and by 2012 will be increased to 13000 km. This includes new high-speed connections and existing tracks for upgrades at 200-250 km per hour. By 2020, China will build a planned “four vertical and four horizontal” intercity fast passenger transport system, passenger line more than 16,000 km. China’s high-speed rail is poised for a bright future, China has entered the era of high-speed rail. In the case of

Although in recent years, China’s aluminum and aluminum solid panel in the application of transportation equipment manufacturing industry has also made considerable progress, but the aluminum solid panel manufacturers and Europe and the United States and other developed industrial countries, there are still some gaps, but it also Means that China’s rail transit with aluminum solid panel there is a certain room for development.

Aluminum solid panel manufacturers can not ignore the three factors

First, the aluminum solid panel brand marketing strategy: With the aluminum solid panel technology continues to progress, its entry threshold continues to increase, and the market competition situation is more and more intense. Many of the original aluminum solid panel enterprise scale has been expanded, brand competition has become a new trend in the aluminum solid panel market. Aluminum solid panel industry development to the present, brand marketing is urgent.