Aluminum Perforated Panel Structural Materials

Since the 21st century, China’s economy and science and technology have made great breakthroughs, especially in the development of chemical materials is very prominent. A variety of different functions of the new building materials have been studied and produced in the production has been widely used, especially the use of aluminum alloy materials, aluminum perforated plate, aluminum-plastic panels and aluminum veneer in foreign applications has been very wide , And in China, in recent years also began large-scale application. Especially aluminum perforated plates. Is not only the most widely used in the industry a non-ferrous metal structure materials, but also in other industries and fields have also been widely used, such as machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industry, they are mainly made of aluminum alloy Various types of aluminum alloy plate, aluminum alloy plate structure is very stable, solid, and the use is also very safe and reliable, then, for the aluminum perforated plate products, the main advantages of what? First of all, the aluminum perforated plate is mainly made of composite honeycomb structure to make, and also the use of high-quality alloy plate to make, and aluminum perforated plate can also show people a rich roof performance, therefore, with excellent Design freedom. Second, the aluminum perforated plate in the construction process is not only simple, convenient, and comprehensive performance is very good, with significant insulation effect, is the use of a new type of material, has a very good performance, attracting more people Eyeball, is a green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving sheet.

What are the basic characteristics of aluminum perforated plates?

The basic characteristics of aluminum perforated plate:

(1) light weight, high strength, especially bending rigidity, the same quality of aluminum perforated plate bending stiffness of about 5 times the aluminum alloy.

(2) has a very high surface flatness and high temperature stability, easy to shape and not easy to deformation, aluminum perforated plate can not only be made of flat panels, and can be made into a hyperbolic, single panel, made of vehicle parts after disassembly Convenience.

(3) excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and environmental adaptability, can be adapted to the railway EMU and bus harsh use of the environment; In addition, according to the needs of such plates can be used surface painting or surface paste fire board treatment, to Good decorative, fireproof.

(4) the unique resilience, can absorb vibration energy, the basic characteristics of stone honeycomb board has a good sound insulation noise reduction effect.