Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Honeycomb Structure

Application of Aluminum Honeycomb Board in Ecological Gate

Aluminum honeycomb panels Honeycomb sandwich panels with honeycomb structures are inspired by natural hexagonal honeycombs. Here we Henan aluminum honeycomb board to look at this product in the application of ecological doors.

Alumina honeycomb panels made of aluminum alloy are unique in their unique structure, not only in the same volume of other materials in the lightest quality, and the stiffness and overall stability are very good, but also has sound insulation performance. Aluminum alloy that is not radioactive, it will not volatilize any harmful to human health harmful gases, but also can be fully recycled, saving resources and energy, the environmental pollution to a minimum level, which makes the aluminum honeycomb board to become a kind of energy saving , Environmental protection, health of new materials.

Now on the market of ecological doors, mainly from the hardware structure and timber on the start. In the structural materials, the door and the door with high-tech aluminum-magnesium alloy material, the surface of the anodized, with a certain hardness, which in the wear, pressure, anti-deformation and anti-fade has some improvement. The ecological door frame structure is made of the whole die casting casting, so as to achieve the seamless, sealed, soundproof effect.

Ecological door facade material is an important factor in eco-door eco-environmental protection, different enterprises are using different materials, there are polymer organic board, imported decorative panels, metal aluminum, and even leather, the use of panel materials if the country Eco-environmental standards or international standards, are on the human body to bring indirect or direct health effects.

Aluminum honeycomb panel eco-door fan panel surface has a lot of unique style patterns, and even personalized picture production surface, etc., to provide consumers with a lot of free choice of space.

Why is the aluminum honeycomb board favored, and how much you know about it?

With the development of aluminum honeycomb panels in the rail vehicle industry, the understanding of the characteristics and application of aluminum honeycomb panels has yet to be further strengthened and expanded. Today, Henan aluminum honeycomb board Xiaobian to bring everyone to understand the characteristics of the next aluminum honeycomb board.

1, strong compressive ability

Aluminum honeycomb plate compressive strength is generally between 4 ~ 20MPa, but also because of its strong compressive strength than other materials, so widely used in various industries.

2, high tensile strength

Aluminum honeycomb board tensile strength can reach 20Mpa, not easy to be damaged by a large impact.