Aluminum Perforated Panel Construction Convenience

What are the advantages of high quality punching aluminum veneer?

With the increasing demand for aluminum veneer, the requirements are becoming more stringent, aluminum veneer manufacturers to produce a variety of types of aluminum veneer, but punching aluminum veneer is one of them. For example, in the construction industry, it is often necessary to use the punching aluminum veneer, so the quality of punching aluminum veneer plays an important role in the whole project. So high-quality punching aluminum veneer in the end what kind of advantage? Next, let Xiaobian to specifically talk about it!

Punching aluminum veneer

1, light weight, good rigidity.

2, good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet light erosion, but also to protect 10 years do not change color, do not fade, do not peel off, do not burst, not powder.

3, self-cleaning excellent, it is because of the special molecular structure of fluorocarbon coating so that the surface dust can not be attached. 4, rich colors, decorative effect is good, able to meet the needs of many users.

5, high strength, because the use of high-quality aluminum alloy, and because the opening is used in the welding process, greatly improving the aluminum steel.

6, installation and construction convenience, fast.

7, recyclable (aluminum can be 100% recovery), environmental performance superior.

Punching aluminum honeycomb board product features

Punching aluminum honeycomb panel is in the aluminum honeycomb board surface in accordance with certain laws out of the hole, not only nice, and the internal hidden sound absorbing paper to attract the effect is very good for conference rooms, auditorium and other occasions.

The honeycomb panels with the same stiffness are only 1/5 of the aluminum veneer and 1/10 of the steel plate. The interconnected aluminum honeycomb core is like numerous I-beam, and the core layer is fixed in the whole board. Stable, its wind pressure performance is much higher than the aluminum plate and aluminum veneer board, and has a very easy deformation, flatness characteristics, even if the honeycomb board grid size is large.

Punching aluminum honeycomb board main features:

1, light, low installation load;

2, high flatness, not easy to deformation, high safety factor;

3, has a very good sound-absorbing performance.

4, more ornamental.