Aluminum Flat Solid Panel Curtain Wall Installation

Aluminum Flat Solid Panel Curtain wall installation

Installation of aluminum veneer curtain wall

Aluminum veneer curtain wall before the first to confirm the good approach to the aluminum veneer varieties, quality, color, pattern, lines and design requirements in line. Aluminum veneer curtain wall installation process is usually in the following order: fixed line skeleton joints → fixed skeleton → installation of aluminum plate → closed structure treatment → inspection, in the installation of aluminum veneer wall must be ready before the installation of aluminum veneer wall need to use Tools such as toothless blade cutting machine, hand drill, impact drill, nail gun, a variety of drill, wrench, screwdriver, hand hammer, ink line, line hanging, nylon line, steel tape, welding machine, oxygen Cutting equipment, driven suction cups, electric hanging blue, injection glue gun, pneumatic riveting guns, seat belts and so on.

One, the line

Check the quality of the main wall structure before the line, the skeleton of the installation location in the external walls of the mark, according to the mark to the skeleton fixed on the main structure.

Second, the fixed frame of the connector

The skeleton is fixed by welding on the frame.

Third, fixed skeleton

The skeleton is pre-treated with anticorrosive. Installation of the skeleton position is accurate, combined with solid. Installed check the center line, the surface elevation and so on. In order to ensure the accuracy of the installation of the board, it is appropriate to use theodolite on the beam vertical frame bar through. On the deformation joints, settlement joints, variable cross-section, etc. to properly handle, to meet the requirements. Fourth, the installation of aluminum veneer

The mounting of aluminum veneer is firm and reliable. The gap between the plate and the plate to be internal processing, to smooth and smooth. The aluminum veneer is installed and is protected by plastic film or other material in parts that are easily contaminated.

Fifth, the mouth structure processing

The clearance of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is to be treated internally to make it smooth and smooth. In addition to the width of the joints between the veneer in addition to consider the decorative effect of the facade, but also to consider the amount of thermal expansion after thermal expansion. Seams must be sealed with weathering glue to prevent gas infiltration and rainwater leakage.

Sixth, inspection

Aluminum veneer manufacturers in the aluminum curtain wall after installation, from top to bottom layer by layer to protect the aluminum veneer surface of the protective tape torn off, while layer by layer synchronization split. When dismantling should pay attention to protect the aluminum veneer, do not bruise, scratches, and finally complete the entire aluminum veneer curtain wall construction. Analysis on the Characteristics of Five Main Aluminum Monolithic Curtain Walls

Aluminum veneer curtain wall is widely used at this stage of the new decorative curtain wall, but many people on the aluminum veneer curtain wall features a little knowledge, but know a wide range of applications, but what specific features do not understand.

Aluminum veneer is the use of high-quality aluminum alloy sheet for the substrate, and then through the NC bending technology molding, and finally in accordance with the requirements of the surface spraying.