Why Honeycomb Panel Is More And More Popular?

Honeycomb board features

The center of the aluminum hexagonal honeycomb, the density is small (about 3 to 7 kg per square meter), is the same thickness with the same area board weight of 1/5, glass 1/6, aluminum 1/7, greatly reduced (Thermal insulation up to 0.02 (㎡ · K / W)), no combustible material, fire rating to B1 level, the heat insulation (thermal resistance up to 0.02 (㎡ · K / W)), no combustible material, Waterproof, moisture-proof, no harmful gas release, the unit mass of the specific strength, higher than the rigidity (structural stiffness of the ribs of 1.7 times), not easy to deformation, completely overcome the other decorative plate in a single block when the deformation, And other shortcomings processing and easy to use, can be any cutting edge, the surface of fluorocarbon coating can guarantee the product life of more than 30 years, aluminum honeycomb board surface with high flatness, good seismic performance, only the proportion of glass curtain wall eighth A; 22mm thick standard parts in the 1 m simply support, the deflection of 10mm when the load can reach more than 700 kg force.

The surface corrosion resistance by the strong fluorocarbon resin treatment, so that it can be widely used in the building but the curtain wall, roof, large facade signs and interior decoration. Aluminum honeycomb panel positive aluminum plate with E. C. C. A. quality standards PVDF fluorocarbon paint, divided into ordinary color and metallic. So the surface also has excellent weather resistance. To follow the innovation of natural products often to imitate the structure and form of nature, human inventions are inspired by nature, and to adapt to the requirements of nature. Aluminum honeycomb panels with its light weight, high strength, stiffness and many other advantages, has been widely used in building exterior decoration.

The honeycomb sandwich panels with the same stiffness are only 1/5 of the aluminum plate and 1/10 of the steel plate. A total thickness of 15mm, the panel is 1.0mm, the bottom plate is 0.8mm aluminum honeycomb board, weighs only 6kg / square meter. Interconnected honeycomb core as numerous I-beam, the core layer is fixed in the entire board surface, not easy to produce shear, so that the plate is more stable, more anti-bending and compression, the wind pressure greatly beyond the aluminum Plate and aluminum veneer, and is not easy to deformation, flatness good features, even if the honeycomb panel size is large, but also to achieve high flatness due to honeycomb composite panel honeycomb core separated into a number of closed cells, to prevent The air flow, so that heat and sound waves are greatly hampered, therefore, play insulation, insulation, noise effects. 100 ~ 3200HZ sound source of a long bath up to 20 ~ 30dB, thermal conductivity of 0.104-0.130W / M.K, so the aluminum honeycomb board energy absorption capacity of 150-3500KJ / M & sup2; is an ideal energy-saving materials.

In case of heavy rain, the raindrops hit the aluminum veneer or aluminum-plastic board when the noise is particularly large, and the honeycomb board to avoid this situation. Aluminum honeycomb panels are generally made of fluorocarbon coated aluminum panels. Fluorocarbon roll aluminum is the most important point is the use of a continuous roller coating process, aluminum paint is a one-time finish to ensure that its products without color, coating leveling, quality and reliable. At the same time to keep the building a long time bright colors. After long-term sun and rain or industrial waste gas pollution, it is clear that the roller plate than the spray board clean and bright, and has good adhesion and weather resistance, is recognized as the world’s first-class building materials.

Honeycomb board application

(1) building curtain wall external wall hanging plate

(2) interior decoration works

(3) billboards

(4) ship building

(5) aviation manufacturing industry

(6) indoor partition and commodity display stand

(7) Commercial vehicle and container truck body

(8) buses, trains, subways and rail transit vehicles

(9) the environmental requirements of the modern furniture industry is very strict, with aluminum honeycomb panels to do the processing of furniture materials, the new century is a good material selection, its completely non-toxic green quality, so that furniture manufacturers in the processing Furniture, the less unnecessary environmental procedures; In addition, aluminum honeycomb panels can be diversified such as solid wood, aluminum, gypsum board, natural marble, can be made honeycomb board, material selection convenience.

(10) aluminum honeycomb board cut off: the emergence of aluminum honeycomb board partition, breaking the traditional partition mode, with its noble, fresh, style style, won the high-end office space market share.

Honeycomb board advantage performance

(1) fire: aluminum is non-combustible material.

(2) corrosion-resistant: aluminum honeycomb panel is the surface of the epoxy fluorocarbon treatment, with a strong corrosion resistance. Salt spray spray 48 hours without pinhole, crack, no blistering.

(3) environmental protection: Honeycomb panels are pure aluminum products, do not volatilize any harmful gases, no radioactivity and can be fully recycled, 100% environmentally friendly products.

(4) aluminum honeycomb panels are easy to remove and assemble, and will not disassemble the plate. Because of its light weight, easy transport can be transported to different places repeatedly reused. This is the other partition plate can not be compared with.