Mesh Panel

Laminated aluminum veneer system using high-quality aluminum alloy panel for the substrate, advanced CNC bending technology to ensure that the plate can be formed after the deformation is not deformed in the process of installation of aluminum veneer superior performance. Laminated aluminum veneer system production by cutting punching rolling arc welding welding assembly and other multi-channel molding process so that the product presents a variety of geometric shapes, good Wo building materials with AMADA and other automatic CNC punch, can easily achieve a variety of complex board Type of processing, so as to maximize the construction and shape to meet the special needs, and fully express the innovative ideas of architectural design.

Pull net aluminum veneer products commonly used specifications:

※ plate conventional thickness: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm.

※ plate commonly used specifications: 300 * 1200mm, 600 * 600mm, 600 * 1200mm and customized shape.

※ commonly used mesh size: 8 * 15mm, 20 * 60mm, 30 * 100mm any size custom hole

After the molding of the net-pull aluminum veneer system, the German process and pretreatment liquid for chemical treatment, the formation of dense oxide film, and then a strict surface electrostatic powder coating or fluorocarbon spraying, the United States and the use of a full set of German imports of automatic Electrostatic spraying equipment, primer paint lacquer all automatic gun, computer control spray flow and range, to ensure that the thickness of the surface of the aluminum film uniform and beautiful, the company uses Italian bake Road design and special equipment to ensure that the furnace temperature curve of scientific precision, After high temperature baking, fluorocarbon resin molecular structure of ultra-stable.

The excellent performance of fluorocarbon coating:

l, excellent weather resistance and anti-ultraviolet performance, the color is very durable and stable, can be maintained at least ten years or even twenty years do not change color;

2, excellent acid and alkali, high performance, can withstand the harsh environment of the wind and sun;

3, good adhesion, high toughness, impact resistance, smooth coating, stain resistance, easy to clean;

4, a wide range of colors, beautiful and beautiful, good texture There are monochrome paint, metal paint, you can maximize meet customer requirements.

Aluminum alloy curtain wall of the excellent performance:

1, light weight, good rigidity, high strength, reasonable structure. Wind pressure deformation performance, anti-rain leakage and anti-air leakage, seismic performance can meet the structural design requirements;

2, processing performance is good. Can be processed into a flat, curved surface, spherical and other complex shapes, fully meet the various design requirements;

 3, a wide range of color options, decorative effect is good, easy to meet the designer’s color requirements;

4, surface coating strong weather resistance, color lasting;

5, good fire performance, excellent corrosion resistance;

6, construction and installation of flexible and convenient, fast, easy to maintain;

7, easy to pollution, easy to clean and maintenance;

8, recyclable treatment, environmentally friendly.