Aluminum Honeycomb Panels In The Construction Field Of Development Prospects

Aluminum honeycomb panels

These honeycomb panels, as the name implies, have a honeycomb-shaped structure originating from bionics, a sheet made of two thinner panels firmly bonded to both sides of a thicker honeycomb core, also known as a honeycomb sandwich structure. Aluminum honeycomb panel is a low-density high-strength multi-purpose sandwich material, which is more than rigid and specific strength (tensile strength of the material and the ratio of the specific gravity of the material than the strength; elastic modulus of the material and its density ratio is called stiffness) , The same thickness of the aluminum honeycomb panel is 5 times more rigid than aluminum, steel 10 times.

In addition, aluminum honeycomb material also has high wind pressure, high stability, shock absorption, noise, flame retardant and so on excellent performance.

Application areas

Abroad was first applied to the field of aerospace, the United Kingdom during World War II made of honeycomb core plate made of aluminum foil sandwich structure, thus greatly reducing the weight of the aircraft, its carrying capacity has improved. Subsequently, aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used in shipbuilding, aviation manufacturing, container trucks, billboards and other industries. Due to the decorative and durable aluminum, the area under development in the future is undoubtedly the largest market for aluminum honeycomb panels and can be perfect Applied to the curtain wall panels, interior panels, roof panels and other parts of these applications are basically concentrated in the field of architectural decoration, aluminum honeycomb panels as a decorative surface.

So since the aluminum honeycomb panels have excellent performance, can explore its application in other areas of construction it?

Construction applications

Various types of large-span space structures have developed rapidly in various countries in the world. Some of these large-scale structures, new forms and advanced technologies have become important indicators of a country’s economic strength and technological level. With the continuous increase of structural span, the requirements of self-respect of large-span space structures are also getting higher and higher. From the initial heavier reinforced concrete shell structure, developed to a lighter grid, reticulated structure, and then to a lighter cable, membrane structure. It can be said that the development of the spatial structure is a light-weight, light-weight development process that is constantly pursuing the process of light weight and high strength, and the aluminum alloy structure has exactly these advantages.

At present, the application of reticulated shell structure is not much, but compared with steel structure, aluminum alloy structure has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and easy processing. It is believed that it will be more and more favored in structural engineering and its application Will also be increasing. Abroad in 1951 built the world’s oldest aluminum alloy reticulated shell structure, is the British “exploration” dome, aluminum space structure is also constantly in sports venues, convention centers and other public buildings.

Until the late 90s of last century, the aluminum alloy structure in China got rapid development. So far, nearly 20 aluminum alloy grids and reticulated shell structures have been built successively.

Application exploration

How to combine the aluminum honeycomb panel with the long-span roof structure when the application of the aluminum alloy large-span structure is increasing day by day? Is this combination worthwhile to try?

It can be considered: the aluminum honeycomb panels through the effective connection with the aluminum rod system to form a new aluminum alloy plate combination reticulated shell structure system, so as to further enhance the overall stability of aluminum alloy reticulated shell structure and ultimate bearing capacity. The structural system must have the advantages of light weight, high rigidity and good anti-seismic performance, and all the components can be stereotyped in the factory. The installation is convenient and quick on site, and fully complies with the trend of building industrialization. The honeycomb panels with high specific strength can effectively reduce The height of the structure reduces the height of the storey, resulting in good economic and social benefits.

These are obvious advantages of the new aluminum alloy reticulated shell structure system, but there are also some difficulties. The most obvious one is the connection between the honeycomb plate and the aluminum alloy rod. At present, there are mainly three kinds of connection modes of the honeycomb plate : Gluing, mechanical connection and hybrid connection, comprehensive structural safety, economic benefits, comprehensive consideration of the feasibility of the application of aluminum honeycomb panels in this area, I believe the aluminum honeycomb panels in the field of construction will have a more broad prospects for development !