Eight Advantages Of Aluminum Veneer

Eight advantages of aluminum veneer

1, light weight, rigidity is better, the intensity is relatively large.

2, the flame retardant function is better, more in line with the needs of fire, aluminum veneer selection of high-strength aluminum and fluorocarbon paint or panel composition, with outstanding flame retardancy, to fire inspection.

3, aluminum veneer in weatherability, self-cleaning and anti-UV, acid and alkali are very good, can be more effective against acid rain, outdoor air pollution, UV corrosion. Aluminum veneer consists of a special molecular layout, the dust will not easily fall on it, with outstanding self-cleaning function.

4, aluminum veneer can be remodeled function is better, can be processed into flat panels, curved panels and spherical panels and other complex graphics, designers can express a variety of ideas.

5, the color of aluminum colorful board, you can choose a relatively large-scale, rich and good visual effects, the role of decoration is also very good.

6, the veneer of aluminum veneer coating is selected as gloss matt coating, so that not only maintain the international popular bright personality also deal with the glass curtain wall light pollution problem is a rare and rare cycle Regeneration, green products.

7, aluminum veneer lighter, more choice of high quality aluminum manganese, aluminum alloy, its own weight is very light, but its interface is made of modern welding technology is connected, the negative selection of stiffeners, to a certain extent On the aluminum curtain wall to ensure a flat surface, anti-wind pressure, impact, etc., useful to reduce the load on the building.

8, aluminum veneer in the factory when it is processed into shape, the construction of no longer need to be processed, so the construction is very convenient and more cost-saving.