Aluminum Panel Mesh Manufacturing

Aluminum panel mesh is also called tensile mesh. It is made by cutting and expanding the original steel plate using the latest technology, and its net body is more portable and strong bearing capacity. The most common aluminum mesh is a diamond hole, other holes and hexagonal, round hole, triangle, fish scale hole, etc.. And widely used in family, agriculture, construction, medicine, filtration, protection, insect control, handicraft manufacturing, etc.

The aperture of aluminum panel mesh is divided into: 0.5x1mm, 1x2mm, 1.25×2.5mm, 1.5×2.5mm, 1.6×3.2mm, 2x3mm, 3x4mm, 3*5mm, 3*6mm, 4*8mm, 5*10mm, 6*12mm, 8*16mm, 10*20mm, 12*25mm, 15*30mm 20x40mm 25x50mm 30x60mm 40x80mm 50x100mm etc. Hexagonal aperture; Fish scale hole (used for lampblack net cover)

Color aluminum plate net material: aluminum panel practice: aluminum panel mesh by oxidation deep processing.

Characteristics of aluminum panel mesh:

With no rust, beautiful color, beautiful color, beautiful appearance, durable, high quality, high grade characteristics. Color aluminum panel mesh is used in construction decoration used in outdoor curtain wall, because of its unique metal material soundness, make it can easily withstand adverse climate factors such as the storm hit, at the same time, easy to maintain, simply from the perspective of the ornamental metal net has the characteristics of silk fabric, give a person with visual enjoyment, when used as the roof of the indoor or partition wall, Its material is qualitative characteristic connect fully sex and burnish feeling to bestow more aesthetic fun at the space.