White Aluminum Metal Perforated Panel Curtain Wall Application

Common specifications: 6*6mm, 6*12mm metal perforated panel curtain wall features:

1, light weight, good rigidity, high strength 3 mm thick aluminum panel per square anti weight 8kg, tensile strength 1-28N /mm2

2, good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. PVDF fluorocarbon paint based on KYNAR-5 and Hylur5 can last for 25 years.

3, good technology. The aluminum panel can be machined into plane, arc, sphere and other complex geometric shapes by using the process of machining before painting.

4. Uniform coating and diverse colors. The electrostatic spraying technology makes the adhesion between paint and aluminum panel uniform, diverse colors, large choice space.

5, not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. Fluorine coating film non-adhesion, so that the surface is difficult to adhere to pollutants, more good cleaning.

6. Convenient installation and construction. Aluminum panel in the factory molding, construction site does not need to cut, fixed on the skeleton.

7, can be recycled, beneficial to environmental protection. Aluminum panel can be recycled 1%, different from glass, stone, ceramic, aluminum panel and other decorative materials, recycling residual value is high.

  Aluminum perforated panel is a kind of can effectively reduce the noise of the products, at the same time also has the material is qualitative light, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant fire prevention, moisture, shock, physical stability, beautiful modelling, colour and lustre is uniform, stereo sense is strong, adornment effect is good wait for a characteristic, convenient installation, aluminum molding directly in the factory, construction site without cutting, can be fixed on the frame.