Aluminum Perforated Panel wall cladding panel Installation steps guidance

Aluminum wall cladding panel processing technology for the development of architectural designers to provide more and more publicity design space. We are really not realize that only real can not think of the realm. Let’s feel the aluminum perforated panel curtain wall project “art”.

Aluminum wall caldding panel Installation steps :

1, the process:

Measuring line → connection installation check → purlins, steel frame installation → metal plate installation → plate cleaning caulk → glue seal → surface cleaning

2, technical points:

a, according to the design to determine the grid. According to the sub-program to determine the baseline, pay line.

b, according to the design location of the connector, the connection with L50 * 50 * 5 galvanized angle code, M5 galvanized bolts fixed.

c, the installation of steel skeleton: the main frame with 80 * 60 * 3 galvanized square steel pipe to determine the base measurement error, adjust the horizontal, vertical, spacing error, welding frame, welding to be strong weld full, weld should be polished Smooth; connected with the connector to be strong.