Analysis Of The Aluminum Plate Aluminum Plate And Lightning Characteristics Of What Is The Difference

Metal sheet curtain wall applications have been for decades, now commonly used include aluminum veneer, aluminum-plastic composite panels and aluminum honeycomb panels three. One of the first aluminum veneer appeared, and later in the late 60s late 70s, APCP invented in Germany, and quickly popular around the world, Xiaobian today to answer these two kinds of sheet metal in the lightning characteristics What is the difference?

People really think that aluminum veneer is pure aluminum, conductive performance is better. In response to this problem, anti-lightning experiments have been done on two materials. The results show that when the lightning strikes instantaneously, the current curtain wall connection mode, whether aluminum or aluminum veneer, can completely prevent lightning strikes; when the lightning strikes the continuous current, the metal plate or the metal surface layer Lightning Department is prone to melting. The aluminum-plastic composite panels due to the middle of the polyethylene core of the good insulation, lightning damage is limited to the epidermis.

From this perspective, aluminum-plastic composite panels have better anti-lightning performance than aluminum single-board, and for the moment, aluminum panel and aluminum-plastic panel manufacturers are the most commonly used a curtain wall material.