Advantages And Applications Of Thermal Transfer Textured (Stone, Wood) Aluminum Veneer

After the surface of the baked aluminum veneer has been sprayed, the printed paper or printed plastic film printed with the desired pattern is subjected to hot pressing and pattern transfer to remove the backing paper or plastic film (ie thermal transfer technology), and then the surface of the pattern is sprayed Weathering varnish protection, and get a printing decorative plate. According to the need to get various types of wood, stone patterns, etc., is now in the metal building materials decoration industry has been widely used.

Thermal transfer texture aluminum veneer edge

(1) exquisite appearance, rich texture patterns, imitation effect realistic, good vision.

(2) choose fluorocarbon coating, polyester coating can be, the color is optional.

(3) practical, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, hardness and strength are solid wood can not be compared;

(4) the surface with rust, abrasion, UV and anti-injury effect;

(5) long service life, able to maintain 10-15 years does not change color, no deformation;

(6) can be processed into a more complex shape, the back can be filled with insulation materials, to make it more feature-rich;

(7) Compared with stainless steel, solid wood, wood preservative, etc. have a greater cost advantage;

(8) The emergence of thermal transfer textured aluminum veneer, protecting the ecological environment and reducing over-exploitation and waste of resources such as wood and stone.

Thermal transfer texture aluminum veneer product applications

Applicable places

(1) Construction: curtain wall, roof, interior and exterior decoration, door, factory panels, wall panels, elevators and so on.

(2) furniture: wardrobe, filing boxes, shelves, office cabinets and so on.

(3) Transportation: train interior panels, decorative panels and other marine spacecraft.

(4) public: signs, nameplates, billboards and so on.

(5) Appliances: refrigerators, disinfection cabinet, microwave ovens and other veneer.