Application Effect Of Aluminum Panel in Subway

Subway is the image of a city, so we must pay attention to its appearance, which should not only be simple and modern, but also reflect certain cultural characteristics. Aluminum panel has a high degree of customization in appearance, whether complex shapes or gorgeous colors, can be achieved using very simple processes.

Every day when you take the subway, if you observe carefully, you will find that in the subway station, from the wall to the ceiling, a lot of aluminum panel is used for decoration, so that the visual effect of the whole subway station is full of sense of science and technology and professional sense.

The reason why the subway is decorated with aluminum panel is not only for beautification, but also for safety. In a crowded closed environment like the subway, fire prevention must be prevented to the maximum extent possible. As a metal material, aluminum panel has no risk of fire, so it becomes the best choice.

The most common is that our punching aluminum panel is used on the ceiling of the subway station, because the punching aluminum panel has the function of sound absorption, so that you can reduce the impact and transmission of noise.

At present, there are many subway construction plans in China, and the project schedule is also one of the key points to consider. Therefore, the advantages of aluminum panel products can be more reflected, compared with the previous decorative materials, aluminum panel products are relatively strong, in the process of transportation and construction, do not worry about serious damage to aluminum panel products. In addition, the installation method of aluminum panel products is relatively simple, the installation process is also very worry and effort saving.