How to prevent aluminum plate mesh will not be oxidized

Many people do not know how to deal with the oxidation of aluminum sheet mesh. Today, the aluminum plate mesh manufacturer customized to tell you how to prevent it from being oxidized.

  1. In packing, it is important to control the temperature and humidity. Therefore, the humidity of the packaged wood shaft and box plate should not be greater than 18%, and the temperature of the packaged aluminum coil should not be greater than 45°C.
  2. Do not open the sealed package immediately if the product is transported from a low-temperature area to an area with high temperature and humidity. to allow the mesh time to adapt to theseconditions, aluminum rolls should not be placed on the roofs of workshops and warehouses where there is rain or snow. Strengthen air drying management to ensure that there is no water in compressed air. In addition, the management of rolling oil should be strengthened to control its moisture content below 0.04%. The packaging of aluminum foil roll should be sealed, and an appropriate amount of desiccant should be put into each roll. In order to reduce the contact between the surface of the aluminum plate mesh and air and moisture, the above measures can prevent the oxidation of the aluminum plate to a large extent, which plays an important role in protecting the aluminum plate.
  3. In the CNC stamping process of aluminum sheet as raw material, sometimes there will be scratches in the stamping process of aluminum sheet special material, which will affect its appearance and use. To avoid this, cover the aluminum sheet with a thin plastic film. Lamination is a physical process in which aluminum sheet layers are laminated through high temperature and high pressure. The film coating process has many advantages. It is not oxidized by air and moisture, and reduces damage to the aluminum sheet during production.