Building Decoration – Porcelain Aluminum Solid Panel

Building aluminum decorative materials – porcelain aluminum veneer, with the rapid development of modern economy, the construction industry has been a strong impetus and promotion, resulting in the continuous evolution of decorative curtain wall decoration innovation in the widely used glass trim and artificial stone ornaments When the material, aluminum ornaments come from behind.

With the increasing demand of modern architectural art, aluminum decorative materials are constantly applying new techniques and techniques to meet the higher requirements of architectural art. South Korea Sai Lai secret grams inside and outside the plant (strain) through decades of research and development, and finally developed a new generation of aluminum – Arrai porcelain aluminum veneer. Arrail porcelain aluminum veneer as the third generation products, have entered the United States and Japan and other international construction areas, favored by the industry and praise.

From its excellent quality, to meet the architectural space on the decorative space, efficiency and value of the integrated requirements. Alram secret porcelain aluminum veneer surface is a layer of inorganic raw materials, the basic component is carbon dioxide and strong binding of hydrolyzable metal chemical reaction of pure inorganic resin composition. Pure inorganic resin and inorganic pigments formed during the heating process to form a strong three-dimensional network structure, then the binding energy of silicon and oxygen is 101KCAL / MOL, compared with the general organic coating of carbon and carbon binding energy of 83.2KCAL / MOL larger, while the silicon atoms with a total binding radius greater than the binding radius of carbon atoms 1.5 times, so the chemical is very stable, the overall performance superior to the second generation fluorocarbon coating for the surface of aluminum trim, Arrail ceramic veneer surface coating called Cecil’s Secret coating, this coating is a comprehensive application of cutting-edge technology, which are characterized by the following aspects:

1.Will not be as organic coating as UV, acid rain, automobile exhaust and air pollution and other aging, and play better corrosion resistance, is a semi-permanent material;

2.with 300 degrees Celsius will not change color or film damage characteristics; not adhere to the pollutants in the atmosphere, and always maintain a gorgeous appearance, while it releases the UV on human metabolism plays an active role;

4.can provide a variety of colors, can adjust the gloss, to meet the different requirements of the building on the color and luminosity, to provide designers a broader space. A comprehensive view of the Allameter porcelain veneer features, its diverse colors, excellent durability, semi-permanent, stain resistance, non-flammable insulation and inorganic coatings with the environmental protection, etc., to meet the required conditions for decorative materials , A new concept of building finishes for the new century.