How PVDF Aluminum Solid Panel Can Withstand The Harsh Outdoor Environment?

Outdoor environment is very complex High temperature broiled, rain and rain, as well as from time to time acid rain, salt spray invasion, only the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer can withstand such a severe weather test, in the building is also invincible.

How fluorocarbon veneer can withstand the harsh outdoor environment

First, the surface is not chalking, timeless

After a long period of scorching sun, spray paint on metal objects is prone to fine powder state, resulting in metal exposure to air and corrosion. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer does not exist such a problem, after a rigorous three-layer coating and a large number of factory testing, such aluminum veneer in a timely manner exposed to extreme external environment, the surface will not appear powder The phenomenon of the film.

Second, excellent corrosion resistance

After spraying the coating, the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer undergoes a rigorous oxidation and chromate treatment. Then remove the surface of the paint film impurities at the same time, conducted another oxide film. Further isolating the aluminum veneer from the outside air prevents the aluminum veneer from being exposed to pollutants and corrosives in the air.

Therefore, it is so, the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer can effectively resist the harsh outdoor environment, are favorable.