Comparison Of Aluminum panel Curtain Wall With Other Curtain Walls

Aluminum veneer curtain wall compared with other curtain walls, its material is light, easy to shape, as the building’s decorative surface layer, not only beautiful new, decorative effect is good. Moreover, as a curtain wall to break the traditional architectural modeling model. Construction is simple, reliable connection, durability is good, widely used.

        Aluminum veneer curtain wall and other curtain wall comparison, the first is their characteristics, although the aluminum veneer curtain wall, glass curtain wall and stone curtain walls are handsome in appearance, decorative effect of good features, but the stone curtain wall from the severity of light, seismic performance, construction and installation Light, duration, maintenance, aluminum veneer curtain wall have an advantage. Glass curtain wall investment, easy to damage, energy consumption, and bad fixed, easy to break down the wounding.

        Aluminum veneer curtain walls and other curtain walls, in the decorative effect of the flexibility and diversity is also dominant. It can be based on different needs, to make a different shape, different effects, different colors, whether it is used in the external walls, or interior decoration are decorative materials. The glass curtain wall and stone curtain wall work is not so easy, not easy to shape, the color can not be as green as the veneer wall so colorful.

       Aluminum veneer curtain wall and other curtain walls, many architects will be the first aluminum veneer curtain wall, because it has other curtain wall material does not have the advantage, so the use of aluminum veneer curtain wall more and more widely, it is also increasingly The more people are concerned.