Aluminum Honeycomb Board Processing Production Process

In the aluminum honeycomb panel processing complex process, in accordance with the existing text, drawings for sheet metal processing and aluminum honeycomb processing complex design, the following steps:

A. To the informal hand drawing all to AUTOCAD drawing, after confirmation, print three copies, according to the batch, drawing number bound into a book. Technology (after the completion of a copy of the file room), a workshop, a copy of quality assurance.

B. For drawings that do not have an aluminum honeycomb panel number, be numbered consecutively. The number is numbered: suffix + A on behalf of the panel; suffix + B on behalf of the floor; suffix + C on behalf of the aluminum honeycomb core;

C. For the need for sheet metal processing of aluminum or other material surface floor, to carefully measure the bending factor, and file.

D. Write a catalog, calculate the total area and total area, and so on.

E. For sheets to be sheet metal machined, draw a sheet metal expansion chart based on the bend factor and indicate the dimensions. In the figure is not marked inside and outside, after the implementation of painting and then expand the map. Under normal circumstances, the main view of the expansion on the side of the human side for the inner surface (usually without coating surface), other circumstances to be specified. Print three copies, according to batch, drawing number bound into a book. Technology (after the completion of a copy of the file room), a workshop, a copy of quality assurance.

F. Prepare sheet metal processing instructions, specify the processing process, tolerance requirements, precautions, processing points and so on.

G. Preparation of sheet metal processing under the table, the font to be large. The direction of the texture direction is expressed as “↑” and the direction of the text direction is “→”.

H. On the need for NC cutting and numerical control to carry out the material, to be computer programming, and deposited in the U disk and other technical information together with the station to sign.

I. Preparation of aluminum honeycomb board processing manual, specify the processing process, aluminum honeycomb core requirements, adhesive material requirements and construction technology, shaped molds, aluminum honeycomb board construction process, how to follow-up processing.

J. Provide accessories drawings, installation drawings and installation requirements.

K. Proof of technical documents prepared by other staff.

L. Complete the drawings and technical documents.

M. On-site guidance to solve the installation of aluminum honeycomb panels and other difficult problems.

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